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Q 1. Who should be moving to a care home?
Answer: Though the model of care homes is made to accommodate seniors who need care in daily life chores, our care homes are a perfect fit for anyone at any time and any age. Our youngest resident is in mid 50's, and oldest is over 100 plus. Someone who is independent and working, physically and intellectually sound, male or female, Warm 'n' Cozy may be for you. The care home is not just for the seniors; this facility is perfect and open to all.

Q 2. For older people, when is the right time to start thinking about moving into a care home?
Answer: Generally speaking, if one has begun feeling uncomfortable in carrying out their ADLs, (Activities of Daily Living) it is about time to start thinking of moving into a care home. Experience teaches us, by and large, no one wants to go into a care home. Our take is when life forces someone to come to a care home; it's already late. When in doubt; talk to us!!

Q 3. What are Instrumental ADLs?
Answer: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are essential functions that are routinely used by people of all ages to carry out their daily functions. Examples of IDLs are housework, meal preparation, taking medications, managing money, shopping for groceries or clothing, telephone use, using technology, etc. If someone needs help with ADLs and does not want to be in a care home; call us. We have an answer to this problem.


Q 4. What is meant by ADLs?
Answer: Activities of Daily Living are those activities that are on a regular basis and essential part of our everyday lives. These events refer to daily activities within one's place of residence, in outdoor environments, or both. Basic ADLs consist of self-care tasks, including personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and undressing, feeding, functional transfers, voluntarily controlling urinary and fecal discharge, ambulation (mobility).
Q 5. If someone has just one of the concerns listed above, what should be the course of action?
Answer: Just a matter of rational thinking. Our experience tells us that most people think they can take care of themselves. Despite illnesses, physical and mental weaknesses and other factors that hinder them to live independently, people are reluctant to move into a care facility. It becomes the responsibility of the immediate family or the caretaker to take a firm step. Call upon us. We could suggest and help you decide.


Q 6. How would living in a care home help me? I can carry out my full activities on a daily basis. I think I am self-sufficient!
Answer: Everybody has their life and lifestyle. When would someone need assistance, varies from person to person? When dependence is inevitable, a little help goes a long way. But even when independent, a little help may make life more enjoyable. In other words, living in a good care home would be like living a carefree life while doing what you always wanted to do and the way you want to do things. It is like moving to a small community, where help is always around.

Q 7. What does Warm ‘n' Cozy have for me?
Answer: A meaningful life in a relaxed environment. Care with personalized human touch.
Just a suggestion: If you are considering moving into a care home, call Safal a tour, visit, see and evaluate. You will find - "Life Lives Here." Safal is on 306 261 5688.



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