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All of our care homes are custom built to accommodate 15 residents each. The care homes are capable of handling all the daily needs of the residents. The 24/7 awake team members continuously help and look after the residents. Over time we figured out that caring for our residents is a combined team effort. The care team comprises the management, the staff, and, most notably, the resident's family. When it comes to caring and achieving the best results, partnering with the residents' families significantly impacts the outcome. 

Care Processes

When talking about care, one style does not fit all. At Warm 'n' Cozy care homes, each individual is a person by themselves. Therefore, there is no cookie-cutter model for care delivery to deal with diverse personalities and needs. Instead, the attention and care revolve around the resident according to their individual needs. This process of weaving the care network makes all the difference. Kudos to our team; our care specialists are well versed and knowledgeable.

Personal care needs are the priority, as are the meals and the snacks. The food should appease the eye and the taste buds equally.

The staff is trained to dispense medicines through a bubble pack that the pharmacy supplies as prescribed by the physician.

Bathing has two options: a shower or a walk-in tub. The staff assists the residents in bathing.


Ongoing cleaning and tidying up is a necessary continuous process, and so is the laundry.


Skilled recreational coordinators carry out daily exercises, entertainment, physical and mental activities.

Periodically,  A team of musicians carries their instruments for a show of music & dance.

Bringing in communions is a common occurrence. 

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