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Seniors are one of the fastest growing population groups in Canada, and the demand for senior care services is rising. At present, Canadians aged 65 and older make up 13% of our population. By 2036 quarter of all Canadians will be seniors. Examples of services that the seniors may need include meal preparations, assistance in daily living activities such as ambulating, bathing dressing and more.

With advancing age, the needs for care are bound to increase resulting in more revenue generation. It is time to get into the business of care now!

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Our team at Warm 'n' Cozy is a delicate blend of physicians and entrepreneurs. We have been in care business for decades. Not many would feel & deal with care business as we do.

To be a part of such a rewarding business, passion, compassion, and respect for the aged and ageing population is a noncompromising ingredient.

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Human care is the business of the future. Working with seniors requires patience, compassion, and physical endurance and often entails long working hours. Senior care business can range from residential, adult day programs, rehabilitative, or hospice services plus more.

If thinking of stepping into human care business, we are here to help.  How about placing the ideas on paper and then taking your thoughts to the action field?

Contact us for learning more about the industry, and this is where we can be of help. Contact Safal at 306 261 5688 and book three hours of presentation to know the nitty-gritty of the care business.

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Chief Consultant:


Dr. Rekha Suryavanshi

Rekha, a gynecologist turned entrepreneur is the co-founder of Warm ‘n’ Cozy Care Inc.

Rekha is a designer, organizational consultant, educator, facilitator, and a leadership coach with international exposure. Having the main focus on green building design strategy, team building, management, and training to develop care plans for the business of care, Rekha also is involved in human resource management.


In the coziness of own home of a client or within the settings of a care home, the care is delivered on demand and need basis.


We help entrepreneurs build systems of providing care that is a non-tiring and non-ending cycle. In addition, we help in establishing compassionate care delivery model. 

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