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With ample ambiance, all our homes are clean and tidy, needless to say, they are Warm 'n' Cozy. All the rooms at Atton houses have an ‘en suite' washroom. All the toilets are equipped with touchless taps and soap dispensers to keep the hygiene to its best. We offer furnished, beautiful rooms with big windows and doors for easy access to wheelchairs and walkers. We supply a bed, a mattress, a nightstand, a chest of drawers, a chair, and a wardrobe with lock and key. Residents are welcome to bring their furniture. Each of our room comes with a 40-inch HDTV at no extra cost; however, residents buy the cable connection and a personal phone line.






The partnership between the families and the care provider team is the key to maintaining our resident's health and wellness to an optimum level.

Physical exercises along with stretching exercises are a regular feature. To stimulate thought process brain games and board games are helpful. We found out that bingo is the most popular game at Warm 'n' Cozy.

Periodically, a band of boys comes to sing and play live music to entertain the residents. Often our residents love to dance on the tunes.
High school volunteers visit our homes to engage and interact with the residents. We call this as 'Where Life Meets Life' - The young generation comes in contact with the older. We hear an exchange of stories, life experiences and more; Stories of the memories are the best time spent.


A cordless electronic button is provided to each resident to page the staff. Two staff members serve 15 residents. During night hours, when our residents are asleep, one attentive, awake staff is always present. Additional staff can be arranged for any of the residents if the need for care increases. Over and above if the need for care is high; we have arranged one to one personal responsibility for many within our homes. 

Medication delivery and supervision are of utmost importance. All of our employees that handle medication take the 'Medication Module' course as prescribed by Ministry of Health.


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