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About Us

Safal Suryavanshi
From caring for a family member to our own "Business of Kindness."

I am a Kinesiology Graduate from U of S. As a family tradition, my sister and I took care of our grandparents who were living with us. With time, the involvement and caring for older adults gave the feeling of contentment. On the other side, our parents were working on helping seniors in the care homes. The serenity and ambience of our care homes is the feeling of satisfaction.

The feel-good factor that comes from helping others directed me to get involved. Here I am, after five years with Warm 'n' Cozy Care Homes, a more than full-time manager, administrator and public relation person. I am on 306 262 5566.

Dr. Rekha Suryavanshi
From gynecologist to geriatric health advocate

Human care is about research and experimenting to provide care that should suit an individual. This trait of caring for people is something doctors do well. Working as a surgical assistant left me with lots of free time at hand. The idea of helping seniors came to mind and materialized sooner than later. I have a bias to action. With my training as a physician, while working on a resident, my mind is already engaged in planning a strategy to best suit for holistic health. 

Like my daily rounds in the hospital, my habit of regular visits with my residents on one to one basis gives me lot of information about them while creating a personal touch. I am on 306 716 0771.

Dr. Sudhir Suryavanshi
Family medicine to a family model for Warm 'n' Cozy Care Homes

Coming from a big joint family model from India; the nuclear family model in the western world fell short of connection and love.

A warm, empathetic and traditional approach to familial values; thoughtfulness, reverence, respect and loving care became the recipe. A recipe for a healthy home that we called Warm 'n' Cozy.
We at Warm ‘n’ Cozy are a great team of care providers who are well prepared and trained.
Laughter and fun is the basis of life. The comparative lonely years of old age need lots of efforts to make life great again. This connection of happiness is my aim and role in the company.

I am on 306 262 5566. 

Our staff

The staff at Warm ‘n’ Cozy constitutes of family-oriented people who have a thorough understanding of emotional needs and requirements of the elderly. Everyone at Warm ‘n’ Cozy strives hard to live up to the name by providing care to our residents in the most considerate and comfortable manner.

Whether it is one of our Care Home or In-Home Assistance (The Home Care), our staffs make sure that whoever calls on us, feels warm and cozy. We readily provide care and comfort just as a family member would. The Warm ‘n’ Cozy Family Way.

In a nutshell, we are physical, mentally, socially and emotionally engaging in improving well-being and quality of life.