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The owners, Drs. Sudhir and Rekha Suryavanshi have six care homes in Saskatoon, SK. With over four decades of experience in hospital management, they have developed unique abilities to care and have provisions for the future. Being prudent, especially in practical affairs, the management of resources gets particular attention. 



The staff at Warm ‘n’ Cozy are family-oriented people who have a thorough understanding of the emotional needs and requirements of the elderly. Everyone at Warm ‘n’ Cozy strives hard to live up to the name by providing care to our residents in the most considerate and comfortable manner.

Whether it is one of our Care Home or In-Home Assistance (The Home Care), our staffs make sure that whoever calls on us, feels warm and cozy. We readily provide care and comfort just as a family member would - The Warm ‘n’ Cozy Family Way.

Dr. Rekha Suryavanshi is the director of care. Naturally caring and respectful, Rekha carries these qualities into administration; as a result, the company has developed excellent relations with the residents and their families. Rekha is also a motherly figure to quite a few staff members. She helps the team with her understanding and thoughtfulness.

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Dr. Sudhir Suryavanshi is a thinker and an innovator who plays a crucial role in engagement and entertainment for the residents in care homes. He makes the atmosphere fun and lively with his loving and cheerful nature. Additionally, Sudhir keeps a keen eye on the system's overall functioning, mindful of minute details.

Safal Suryavanshi is the manager and administrator for Warm 'n' Cozy Care. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Kinesiology major.

Focused on the well-being of both the residents and the staff, Safal is knowledgeable of the care process, closely monitoring worker productivity while ensuring there are no workers injuries and accidents. 

Safal makes sure that everything is running smoothly and the residents are receiving the care they need.

MuckHon (Muck-hon) Suryavanshi, the hypoallergenic Maltese, is an integral mascot. He is the life and soul of the residents and staff alike. Not only does MuckHon goes to work every day, but he also plays and makes his presence known in all of the care homes. Muckhon spreads contagious smiles every single day. 

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