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Warm 'n' Cozy - SPARK

502 Paton Crescent - Willowgrove

  • 5000 square feet of living space - elevator in between the floors

  • Large living and dining areas on each floor

  • Ramp to the entrance of the house - Wheelchair accessible

  • In-house salon for the residents

  • In-house library with regular refilling of the books, novels, and DVDs

  • Firewall and fire sprinklers for safety

  • Large glass windows all over the house - brightly lit interior

  • Most rooms with private washrooms

  • Rooms equipped with bed, nightstand, armchair, chest of drawers/dresser and a mirror

  • General washrooms equipped with urinals, walk-in tub, and walk-in shower

  • All the water outlets (taps) are infrared sensed. No-touch operations to maintain hygiene

  • Beautiful fireplace to accommodate more people and add to the ambiance

  • Each room equipped with 22 inch HDTV

  • Modern kitchen - fresh food as per ‘Canada Food Guide’

  • In-house services provided by certified doctors

  • Pedicure (conditions apply)

  • One big room to accommodate a couple

  • All exit doors alarmed

  • Safe yard/lawn space

  • WiFi available for resident and visiting families

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