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"In The Business of Kindness"

Warm 'n' Cozy Welcome

Welcome to the home of Warm 'n' Cozy Care.


A warm, empathetic and traditional approach to familial values; thoughtfulness, respect and reverence for the elderly, coupled with the loving care of a physician couple and their son Safal, the company Warm' n' Cozy Care Inc. was born in 2010. 

The team of Warm 'n' Cozy delivers care in all their four care homes. Also, the care is delivered outside of the care homes in the home of the clients, the Home Care from Warm 'n' Cozy Care.



To identify and meet the needs of our residents, primarily seniors.

Mission Statement 

To provide safe & loving care to the seniors of our community who helped us shape our future. We do this by dedication, compassion, dignity, and respect.

Room Availability  

Our team of staffs is the primary asset that we have. The loving, caring and respectful crew are colourful feathers in our hat.


For the latest update on room availability contact Safal:

 306-261-5688 or safal@warmandcozy.ca

All the four of our homes are custom built. Equipped with modern amenities, we work efficiently to ease the pains and aches of ageing.
Working 24/7 for 60 seniors combined, the turnover for room availability is unpredictable. We announce availability as and when it arises.



Offering services and providing the best care possible is one of our way of showing respect to our elders. We tailor the care for our residents by conducting a meeting with the family members, CPAS (Clent Patient Access Services) and, the physician involved in the care.

Collectively we make the best use of our knowledge and resources to serve our residents optimally.