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"In The Business of Kindness"

Warm 'n' Cozy Welcome

Drs. Sudhir and Rekha Suryavanshi are surgical assistants. The couple owns and runs four Personal Care Homes in the City of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. With experience in hospital management, they have developed unique abilities to care and have provision for the future. Being prudent, especially in practical affairs, management of resources get particular attention.

Safal is the manager and administrator for Warm 'n' Cozy Care Inc. Loving and courteous by nature, with his knowledge about pertaining matters, Safal spearheads running the business of kindness.
Safal is involved with the business since the age of 19. He is the key person and the vital part of the management team. After earning his Kinesiology major from U of S, Safal has his focus on the wellbeing of both, the residents and our staff. Working on increasing worker productivity and reducing injuries and accidents, Safal is also knowledgeable of care processes.

Dr. Rekha Suryavanshi is the director of care. She is naturally caring and respectful. Rekha carries these qualities into administration; as a result, the company has developed excellent relations with the families of the residents.

Dr. Sudhir Suryavanshi plays a crucial role in entertainment for our residents. With loving and cheerful nature, he makes the atmosphere fun and lively. With a keen eye on the overall functioning of the system, Sudhir is prudent of minute details.

The residents’ need and demands dictate the care planning and delivery. Each of our residents gets an individualized care plan. Not convinced by a cookie-cutter care delivery model, Warm 'n' Cozy redesigned the methods of care.
Another distinctive competence that the business has that sets it apart from others is a dedicated, compassionate, loving and respectful team of care aides. Every member of the team is trained such to bring care delivery to the desired standards of Warm 'n' Cozy.

At Warm 'n' Cozy care homes, the belief is that physically being with the residents makes them feel wanted and important. The system works in the way that the residents feel that their opinion matters. Involvement in daily chores, care and particular attention make them feel loved and important. 

Efforts to incorporate the wishes of the residents into the business adds to a healthy environment in the homes. 
After all the whole business of kindness revolves around them.



To identify and meet the needs of our residents, primarily seniors.

Mission Statement 

To provide safe & loving care to the seniors of our community who helped us shape our future. We do this by dedication, compassion, dignity, and respect.

Room Availability  

Our team of staffs is the primary asset that we have. The loving, caring and respectful crew are colourful feathers in our hat.


For the latest update on room availability contact Safal:

 306-261-5688 or safal@warmandcozy.ca

All the four of our homes are custom built. Equipped with modern amenities, we work efficiently to ease the pains and aches of ageing.
Working 24/7 for 60 seniors combined, the turnover for room availability is unpredictable. We announce availability as and when it arises.



Offering services and providing the best care possible is one of our way of showing respect to our elders. We tailor the care for our residents by conducting a meeting with the family members, CPAS (Clent Patient Access Services) and, the physician involved in the care.

Collectively we make the best use of our knowledge and resources to serve our residents optimally.